The social media channels of SwissCommunity, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA), have launched a project to present stories and experiences of Swiss people living abroad. They will be published regularly starting this month, highlighting a specific city or region at a time.

All Swiss people living abroad, aged 16 or older, are eligible to participate. To do so, simply go to this web form and fill it in. While SwissCommunity aims to give space to everyone, there is no guarantee of publication.

In addition to the instructions on the web form, there are a few more pointers for photo and video uploads:

Photo Guidelines

Provide at least one close-up photo.
High-quality photos in jpeg or png format.
Preferably in square or portrait format.

Video Recording Guidelines

Do not exceed 60 seconds.
Prepare your answer in advance and memorize your messages.
Use an informal language.
Record the video in a quiet environment with minimal background noise if not using a microphone.
Position the phone at face level.
Record in portrait format (not landscape!).