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Not yet a member? The Swiss community in Toronto is small but mighty, and we are happy to have you join!

We are always looking for new members, and welcome all those interested in taking on roles on the board, or volunteering for our various events throughout the year, no citizenship required!1 :slightly_smiling_face:

The cost of membership is $30 per year for an individual or $40 per year for a family (two partners and children). Membership is annual from the date you join, and can be renewed every year. Click below to sign up.

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Joining the Swiss Club provides access to:

  • Free entry to the Annual Swiss National Day Celebration every year
  • Notifications of events throughout the year
  • The quarterly Swiss Club Toronto Newsletter, Tell Tale
  • The Annual General Meeting with voting privileges, to help shape the future of the Swiss Club Toronto (includes free dinner)
  • Member discounts for various events throughout the year, including raclette and fondue dinners (to name a few!)

I’m not quite sure yet :thinking:

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  1. Well, technically, if you dig into our bylaws, there’s a rule that the “non-Swiss membership does not exceed at any time 20% of the total voting membership”.