Ever feel a bit of staleness when looking at this website? Maybe missing recent events, or really any updates whatsoever? So do we! Please have a look at the preview of the new website that we’ll deploy here shortly. (Don’t try to interact with your membership profile there, though. It won’t work.)

Welcome to the Swiss Club Toronto!

Check out our events list and join us at some or all of the events. We sponsor a variety of fun activities from our traditional annual theatre performance to the always-popular 1st of August celebration. You may also be interested in joining one or several of our vibrant sections to participate in a number of interesting activities.

Become a member of The Swiss Club Toronto and meet other Swiss Canadians at any of the activities or over dinner at the Annual General Meeting.

As a member you will receive our bi-monthly newsletter Tell Tale to keep you updated on all the upcoming events.

Check out our links for important websites about Swiss culture, tourism, and politics. You will also find a link to videos of current cultural events in Switzerland.

Share with us information that may be of interest to the Swiss community in Greater Toronto. We’d like to hear from you either by e-mail or regular mail.

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