The Women’s Section held their AGM on May 25th at Jolly’s Italian restaurant. After a nice lunch, we discussed a few items, and of course tried to get volunteers for our positions on the board. All of us served several terms, and we are up for election, but nobody came forward—that means all of us are carrying on for another term:

Name Position
Paula Rico Chair
Heidi Attenborough Vice Chair
Susan Doerig Treasurer
Ursula Frei Secretary

On June 6th, our westside kaffeeklatsch was on the patio for the first time this year, which of course we enjoyed.

On June 10th, many of the section attended the celebration of life for Heidi’s husband Gerry.

On June 24th, some of us met at the Egger farms BBQ organized by the Men’s Section.

On August 12th, another trip is available, to the Peach Festival in Niagara. The price is $99, lunch included. Because of high demand, reservations should be made ASAP, one bus is already full! See the event page for details.