Bon schuur Ticino, a film by Peter Luisi, is offered online by the Swiss Film Club, powered by the Swiss Representations in Canada, in the original Swiss German version with English and French subtitles. (Though judging by the trailer, there’s a fair bit of “French” spoken, too :wink:)

When: August 1–5, 2024

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:warning: Important: Available only in Canada and the Bahamas.


A crazy referendum throws Switzerland into a state of emergency. By the acceptance of the initiative “No Bilangue” there should be from now on only one national language: French. Many German-speaking Swiss are therefore having a crisis. Including fifty-six-year-old Walter Egli, who works for the Federal Police and must ensure that the transition to monolingualism is carried out properly. Although he hardly speaks any French himself, he is sent to Ticino with a French-speaking partner to uncover a Ticino resistance group that is fighting the new law by all means necessary.